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Friday, May 25, 2007 @10:32 AM

i'm not going to advertise my blog on msn. i think, this time round only very few will get to know about my blog and those who are lucky enough to chance upon it. this way i can write most of my true feelings out and not worry much that i might hurt anyone.

all along, most of my feelings are kept inside of me. although i do have blogs, but they are mostly what i did in that day and some thoughts. i don't like to blog about sensitive things because you will never know who is reading your blog.

yesterday, chatted with jia qi. i realise i should start cherishing what i have earn more. i should have more pride and believe in myself. anyway its me living my own life. =)
i should not fear challanges and should face them instead. Think everyone should be like this. To conquer their fears so that they can achieve more and improve.
thinking back, i have achieve alot, and no matter where i end up i always seem to be able to cope with it and try to do my best. i used the word "try", because i feel that i can do better. I do wonder though, when will be the time i have truely satisfied with what i have achieve. Till now, what i have gotten was my minimum expectations of myself, except for my languages.. hehe.. which i think i have gotten lucky everytime. but hey, i'm not going to be so lucky always.

To me, time management is the key to success, which up to now i have not managed to master it yet. The internet is my best friend and yet my deadliness enemy. i can find plenty of information on it, but i can easily waste hours surfing also. the temptations is far to hard to resist. but the funny thing is i usually search about places where there is nice food. >.<

Jia Qi has also reminded me that languages is a living subject. So to improve my english, i should write more and read more. =) sounds easy. but as a lazy person like me, i got to get used to doing it.

i have been ignorant about the world, because i'm too lazy and have no interest in it. but as i grow up, i realise how important the world affects each other. and also the importance of knowing what is happening especially since i will be studying in university. i always push reading the newspaper till the last, or i only read the life section. although its a bad practice, i have to try my best to squeeze the time to read at least the headlines.

after my 18 years, i realise that actually everyone know about their weakness, faults etc.. how to improve, what to be done to improve or overcome it.. but it is only when they can overcome it through actions can they really move on. think that this applies to alot of people including me. but knowing it is the first step like babies learning how to walk. it will be tough, and everyone have to try over and over again.

by the way, i have accepted nus fass last night. =) hope everything turns out right.. hehe..

Thursday, May 24, 2007 @4:25 PM

my third blog! haha.. seems that everytime i start out a blog i will not continue blogging for long. =x

this blog is different from my other post. it took me barely one hour to complete it. and this blog does not have any cartoon pictures.. i have matured! haha..

anyway.. i have gone through many things, and will be going through even more with my uni life. will be blogging it in this simplified yet nice (to me) blog.. hehe..

recent update about myself.

currently holding two jobs, one admin at panasonic doing boring stuff.. and another starbucks.. hehe.. learning driving also.. test coming on july 27 =x got accepted into nus fass and ntu econs.. so think that i will go into nus fass due to better recognition world wide. anyone that got into nus fass also plz tell mi! hehe..


loves to be happy!


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