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Thursday, July 26, 2007 @11:29 AM

tomorrow is my driving test. i don't feel anything yet. i just hope that later when i have my driving lesson it will be smooth sailing. the last few driving lessons was horrible. i kept mounting the curb, strike poles, and even row down the slope backwards. goesh. how am i going to pass my driving test! >.< my right middle finger is hurt as i'm typing this. it was cause by my slow reaction. i was putting back the butter container into the fridge display, and i quickly closed the sliding door. so i accidentally cut myself. it was quite a deep cut, as blood keep flowing out. i felt weird at that time. my head was felt abit pain, and i feel abit wezzy.

my sis has been sicked for about a week, with a very bad cough. i feel hurt now, caused of my family. but that's my problem. i don't think it will be nice or proper to blog it. yupz. will pause here.

going to get a laptop. and my room not cleared yet. haha. so dead. found ranor ramly burger yesterday at tampines interchange pasa malam. its the store at the junction of tampines starbucks. going to try it soon. =) hope it will be nice.

Friday, July 13, 2007 @11:51 PM

i cant help being amazed as how time really passed. about 2 weeks time i will be having my driving test, followed by the start of my university. so i basically only have 2 weeks of holiday left! during these 2 weeks of holiday, i have to do stuff i have been dying to do it, but have no time or lazy to do. and first off the list is to clean my room! haha. not that my room is very messy. haha. but i need to clear all my old books. and i have primary school books as well! gosh. cause my mom say must keep keep keep, or give to people. but its like 7 years syllabus back? so i don't think is very relevent. so i can throw away! i hope. another thing is to watch the japanese version of meteor gardens 2. there always seem to be no time or i am lazy to watch it. thinking back, i don't know if my long holiday was fruitfully spent. but i don't seem to really have time for myself at home in peace. or just watching my shows. it seems ridicules to realise that i watched alot alot of shows during my a levels, and now when i am having my holiday, i watched just one chinese series? and i am just starting box 2 of it. did i get myself too occupied? i don't know. but it seems that i have quite afew hours to myself. maybe that's not enough. apart of me just want to sit back at home and relax. but i don't seem to plan time for it. whenever i'm free i will plan my work to cover it.

after this 7 months holiday, i have experienced doing account assistant at robinsons (around 2 months), helper at nike warehouse sale (3 day), one day receptionist at semsong sintronic company, sales assistant at charles stefano (jewellery store) ( 1 month plus), account assistant at panasonic (around 1 and a half months), starbucks (coming to 2 months i think). i think that's all i did bah. haha. wanted to do tutoring but no luck finding students. i gained quite afew experiences bah. i like to interact with customers. because each customer has their own story to tell, and time flies when you talk to them as well. hehe. if u ask me, which job i prefers i would chose starbucks even though the pay is the least. because there are partners to take to, stuff to learn, and the experience accquired each day is different. today, a partner at my starbuck store told me, he was thinking whether it is worth doing such awful job, giving service to people, clear the dishes, etc. and get paid so low, when he can easily get a job as a dish washer cleaner at raffles, having a pay of $5.50, with free lunch and dinner, transport provided. i guessed he is tired of the job already. since he has been in the line for close to 1 year? i don't really remember. it struck me at first when he told me he was thinking about that. seeing him always so happy, and i like to work with him, because i will never be bored. i think its all to him that i felt so welcomed into the store. so to see him leaving for ns, i think i'm gonna miss his company. haha. don't get me wrong. he has a gf already. anyway he is a very nice guy and i felt that he took care of me when ever he is on same shift as me, and when i do anything wrong, he just tell me the right thing to do, and say nevermind. i never had a serious talk to him about that topic he thought about again. cause i think i don't have the answer for him. to me, i chose to work in starbucks dispite the job was because of the people and i won't get very bored compared to an admin job. i also get to eat one food (only those below $3) and 2 drinks on shift. hehe. the environment is nice also, and i think its quite fun. but i think for him, the "fun" is over, i think perhaps he got too tired of it, and i feel that i have no right to even comment on his thoughts because i have not worked for very long. anyway he will be going to ns already, so think this will be a break for him, for 2 years? gosh. it will be a very long time, i can't even confirm that in 2 years time will i still be working in starbucks. haha. one of my managers, the one on dutied, talked to me today also. she's 28 this year, but she looked so young! she did accounts for 5 months then she quitted and join starbucks. caused she can't stand seeing numbers and doing routine work each day. she told me that banking won't be quite okey bah. interact with people to a certain extent also.

Friday, July 06, 2007 @12:09 AM

been neglecting my blog recently, due to many reasons, but basically too tired to blog. =x went for fass camp just last week. time and again, i'm amazed at how fast time has passed. it seem that just yesterday when i had to stay awake to 2 or 3am and be ready for my breakfast at 8am. haha.

camp was okey i guessed. alot of stuff i have not experienced before since i have never been to a first orientation camp. one event was a photo shoot race. we had to travel to different places and find places then take photos according to what the organisers wanted the pictures to have. for exampe, girls in the og posing in a windy day outside the holland village shopping centre windmill. i get to see alot of the west side places, it was quite enriching. sadly we was not able to complete all the 5 places we had to go due to lack of time. there was also a night walk. it was supposed to be scary however for my team, 3 girls and 1 guy. we walked into the toilet and accidentally switched on the lights. hehe. so in the end we could see everything, and we asked jun yue to go inside to see the stuff. while june, aileen and me were left at the door. even though the lights were on, we did get scared as there was a guy hidden inside the cubicle and came to disturb us from the top of the cubicle, by throwing cans at us, and even pulled our hair. we even laughed as we saw a "ghost" combing his long rebonded fringe. haha. i think that if the lights were really off, i will scream my hearts out. haha. felt wasted to have switched on the lights though, but once the lights was on, we did not want it off. hehe. there were also war games, where i think we were supposed to get wet and dirty. to me, i expected rolling on muddy waters, having flour thrown at us or eggs etc. but it was much cleaner then i thought. there were like 10 stations, with small mini games to "play". there were also other events and the usual cheering and screaming for the varies houses. overall i felt that the time management was abit off, as many atimes we had to wait for further instructions. and they like to drag events so we usually end late in the night. but i met friends during the camp, my og mates, without them i don't think i will enjoy the camp at all. haha. to me, i felt that i never really interacted with my og mates. felt that usually i'm just quiet etc. funny right. haha. don't know why i don't seem to have much topic to talk i guess, or crap around with. realise that i'm not a joker or a crapper. another first experience was going clubbing! haha. we went dxo, and it was ladies night. the free drinks were limited and to me i did not like it very much. my og brought volka and mixer (orange and spirit), and we played the "i never" game. we each take turns saying stuff we never do before and those who have done it before have to drink. a "interesting" game bah. haha. i feel that i'm not a dancer at all! i don't know how to dance. haha. only know how to move to the music bah. then i don't really like dxo cause very small. but the music was not bad. hehe.

starbucks experience at concourse! i like the managers and partners there, everyone is very helping and welcoming. for the first few times when i did opening, i think i never really clicked with my partners well bah. i just kept quiet and did my work. haha. i quite like to do closing cause can bring food home. but the food i brought home, not all will be eaten. so its quite wasted i guess. food that i like! lowfat cramberry muffin, banana chocolate muffin, warm chocolate cake, cheese bread, nuts over chocolate brownie, oreo cheesecake, american cheesecake, peach danish, roast chicken sandwich. there are also other stuff i don't like at all or have not try before. but till then. my list is like this for now. hehe.

for university, i don't think i want to stay in hostel le. after my experience at the camp. for single rooms, they are quite excluded and old le. i stayed in eusoff hall, which is suppose to be better compared to raffles hall. though i think that staying in university will be better. nevermind bah. hope my decision will be correct bah.

i will be slowing down my pace bah. staying and try to slack at home more. though i like to be occupied with stuff. but i think i need a rest before going into university. then my next 3 to 4 years, i will be studying hard. want to cap my average at a B+ or best A. so have to work very hard bah. i don't know why i keep working. haha. people might say i'm crazy, one work after another. but this time round, its my passion le. so i enjoy it more then doing admin job. haha. anyway, hope everything works out ya. hehe.

think i never rave about mirana bakery bread before. its located at simei, near the mrt there. not inside the shopping centre. is the opposite direction, pink colour sign board. there is another shop at raffles mrt below. but i prefer simei one better. the waffle is nice! and bread also. love red bean bread. the texture of the bread and the sweet red bean goes very well together. can try other bread also le. everytime will have to wait very long for the waffle. hehe. yupz.. so if got chance should go and try it. furthermore i'm in love with pineapple tart! last time, i don't really like it. but don't know why this year, i can eat alot alot. and mirana pineapple tart is nice also! with plenty of fillings. hehe. u won't regret getting mirana stuff. hehe. like helping them promote like that but its nice le. hehe.

found another bakery stores with have rave reviews on it.

264 Middle Road Singapore 188990
rave: golf balls pineapple tart
bean curd tart (something like egg tart)
Silky smooth soya bean filling, encased in a thin cup of delicious pastry. (No pork. No lard)
6pcs in a box - $5.50 ($0.92 each)

Mama Bakery In Novena Square2, second floor
(just alight @ Novena Sq MRT station...then turn either left to go straight to Sq 2 or turn right to go to Sq 2 through Novena sq itself. Entrance of Sq 2 from Novena sq is at the Sembawang music store on the 1st level.)

donut factory has opened another shop at suntec city tower 3
Singapore 038985
queue not so long but still have to queue. haha. tried it before but it was after putting it in the fridge then my friend say just bake one very nice. so maybe i will go buy it again bah. since the queue is shorter.

and for those that like pasar malam food or those small food fair. there is one now at suntec tower 3 also. hehe. opened till 15 july if i'm not wrong. they also have korean ice cream, pizza, kenny rogers (you can just get the side dishes only), dumpling, muffins, takoyaki, muah chee, tu tu kueh, etc.

hokkaido fair is back in tampines mall! from 6 to 15 july. haha. that time tried the abe shoten (squid with rice stuffing), tried it cold so not very nice le. then i also tried the manju cake, think hot is best for anything bah. haha. i brought a bento also with the hokkaido crab le. hehe. think its sweet and nice. but damn expensive le. hehe. wanna go there again! haha. maybe on sunday after my church. hehe.


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