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Friday, November 30, 2007 @9:07 AM

haha.. 3 down.. 2 more to go.. and....... 3 more days! haha.. i want to thank God, my body and my mind and my soul for hanging on till that last minute, even though when things were bleak, (i had to chiong everything) they were still going strong, or trying to.. haha.. Plus my beloved family, for keeping all so quiet (well.. most of the time) when i'm studying.. and for allowing me to study at the hall.. This is the first time in my entire live, that i read most of my textbooks finished! (left the stats textbook) i'm proud of myself for doing that! =)

Many things i have to keep in mind if i can still have reasonable marks to stay in university.. Never do last minute study! everyone been saying it, and even i know it.. but knowing is a whole new world then doing it.. and thru this tough experience (which i think i almost collapse = abit exgerrated.. haha..) i managed to pull through.

gave myself a long long break yesterday, after my psychology test, ended at 3 plus. then i went to reward myself for days of hardwork, with a strawberry sundae. hehe.. wendy had strawberry sundae and double cheese burger.. (i think i influenced her into getting strawberry sundae le.. haha) then came home, do rest abit, then go wash clothes, and hang them (see i so good!). watched the new channel u 10pm show also.. its a MUST watch show.. haha.. after watching the first episode, it was so funny. i keep laughing.. even my dad love it.. =) even though i felt abit guilty inside, for not studying when my tests is on monday (i have 2 on the same day!) i felt that if i don't give my body a rest, i doubt i can concentrate much.. but resting time is over.. should start concentrating le.. or not all my efforts for the last few test will be gone.. (no matter what results i get)

yup.. so can't wait to after exams.. i'm going to work, bake, cook, watch show, shopping, and maybe read some books? haha.. and my oversea trip as well!

disclaimer: realised my blog become not so naggy.. haha.. i realised that after blogging so much about my problems, or about how bad things were.. why not blog about good stuff.. if i read it again, i will be smiling to myself.. haha.. =x and it will bring moods up also.. guess in life, i finally know how to look to the bright side. =)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 @6:53 PM

as the title goes, i have stomach flu.. not going to say gastric caz i don't have it.. =p haha.. anyway.. what a "great" time to have it ya.. sad! i'm having my psychology paper tomor, and like this! how to study finish the tons of stuff i have to try to memorize.. how?!

today i had my changing landscape paper... it was "fantastic". haha. it was horrible.. sobz.. i was like.. i'm so hoping i get a decent grade for it.. best if its a A something.. haha.. but not possible la.. but i will pray hard for it.. hehe.. i came into the exam hall, suddenly my hands tremble.. i was like OMG.. don't do this to me.. then i tried to remain calm and collected. as i glace at the questions.. i was not sure what to do.. then i saw the last question.. hmmm.. not bad.. looks like i did it before.. when starting the essay.. i got stuck.. following the few paragraphs.. was a torture to me. i felt that i did not even have a good opening.. and my ending was horrible.. why did i pick that question! and its my first answer also.. argh.. what great impression have i left.. so before writing the conclusion, i decided to just carry on.. the next 2 questions was just as difficult.. i cant believe the amount of question on globalisation came out. and i did not really do some as i felt that i will only be saying the same examples again. and it will be quite boring to the examiner.. so i did a variety of questions.. i'm so thoughtful ya.. haha. hope i score points on that.. shows how "knowledgable" i am. hehe..

my stomach is getting better after putting a chinese "medicial liquid" on my stomach.. so much better.. hehe.. but still feeling awful when i stand up.. hopefully i will be feeling better.. =) having a headache now also.. argh.. the agony.. the pain.. =x

Monday, November 26, 2007 @8:28 AM

was rearranging my "favorites" websites there. (prefer it to be neat and tidy). then decided to clear my saved "address" websites and rekey in those that i would normally go to. haha.. came across looking at my blog again, i simply love my blogskin. haha. though i know by now many people have used it already. but its very nice and simplistic yet sophisticated. haha. its hard to find such a nice blogskin these days, especially since i have no idea whether its mine taste have changed or is others. i don't really like the blogskins that have been posted lately. prefer afew years ago de.. haha.. =)

my sis have been trying out photoshop yesterday. and she has lots of potential! haha. Seeing her edit photos with so much passion (she spent the whole day doing it), it warms my heart. and the designs she make are nice too! she's in the learning stage, and her final product will be to make a blogskin for herself, with her in the background always... haha. so bu yao lian.. =x maybe i'll ask her to make one for me, of course with what i want. lalala.. my birthday is next wed. can't wait.. hehee.. will be having seafood! and i asked for a present also.. horrible me.. hehe.. (7 more days to go!!!)

Saturday, November 24, 2007 @8:10 PM

i suddenly feel like blogging again. haha.. i wanna vent my anger out! my sister so so irritating. i don't know if i'm not talking human language, or if she not hearing properly. then she misinterpret what i say, and say till its my fault. (again). i don't understand, why she don't think of others but herself. Okey, she has always been like this, but then sometimes there are exceptions right?! just because she don't like it, she have to think of the whole picture. just because she don't like it, she don't want to go, and in the end cause so much trouble. then she start saying, you go lor, i don't want does not mean you cannot go. etc. something like that. how unthoughtful can she be. to have others clear up the mess. and she always say that i everytime cause this kind of situation, that i so busybody. but what can i do, if the other party is so "on", then like make me cannot reject like that. Its irritating i tell you! ARGH!

anyway. on a lighter note, my econs is over! lalala.. so happy! like a bounder has been lifted. I'm so regretting leaving all my studies to the end, hence i have to mug like crazy. my body cant take much, and i almost got a fever. *ouch* and all for one test only! i still have 4 more to go. and it's getting harder everytime. well, just hope i keep up and improve my momentum, at least for 9 more days. =)

Thursday, November 22, 2007 @8:56 PM

i'm having a terrible headache! and my econs is on this sat.. so i have like less then 24 hrs to study! HAHA. today is my most not productive day. and i don't know why i'm still blogging.. oki.. caz i feel like it.. been looking at alot of food blogs lately, when i'm resting.. and i cant wait to start baking and cooking after my exams. last time i said how i wanted to cook dishes after my a lvl. but in the end it did not come true. so now i don't care. haha. feel like baking some cakes, and seeing the pictures at those food blogs is not helping me alot in my revision. i even asked my dad to finance my baking spree. haha. (not sure if i used spree correctly) its going to cost alot! but i think i can spend some of my savings on it. anyway, i never really go out this month, so my allowance has some money left. cant wait till after exams.. =) 11 more days to go!

Monday, November 19, 2007 @7:14 PM

its interesting why i'm still blogging. haha. but i remembered once when i read all my previous post, it reminded me of how i felt at that point of time. and i guess it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, and also i can read how much i have been through, to reach this point in time. =) 2 more weeks till my last paper and one sem is over! OVER! the excitement is building up, plus the anxiety that goes along as the exams are nearing. How i hated being in a university in the first place, mainly because of the hard work i have to put in. To me finally coming over that fact, and admitting it. How i myself is surprise and accomplised that i can work and study the same time. I guess through these few hard weeks, i learnt more about myself.

i'm a shy person in first glance, and i don't really like it. hehe. want to make friends, good lasting ones, and first impression counts alot. i want to change to become more talkative or more approachable kind, but many atimes i have no idea what to talk about, or i run out of ideas to say. in conclusion, i guess i rather just be myself, i long to make friends, but in the end it gets over my head, how i cant even start a light conversation with people, or why people don't start any with me. i feel sad, and unhappy at times. funny stuff right.. so i guess i just admit to this sad fact.

after this 2 weeks i have so much to do, and so many friends to catch up on. i don't wish to lose any of them, and i have been missing in action for quite some time. don't really want to go on msn, cause i don't really like to end a conversation for my studies.. haha.

all the best to my exams! can't wait for it to end! =)


loves to be happy!


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