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Thursday, October 18, 2007 @1:58 AM

have you ever felt a time where what you got was not what you deserve? i guess in life, there are many times when we will feel this way. but now i really hope that this will not happen to me, not when i'm in university. i have no idea why, but when i'm confident about the exam paper, i screw it up so badly, while when i'm not confirm at all, i tend to do much much better. its irritating, and i don't like it. what's the point of studying when i can score when i'm in doubt. haiz. the funny thing i feel is that i'm blogging when i'm tired, sad, mad, and hardly when i'm happy. haha. i shall devote the rest of my blog to write about happy things that happen to me recently if any. haha.

one would be i have a pay increase! haha. =) my manager say i'm performing! haha.. although i don't know how much my increase will be, but its good to get my first pay increase le! hehe. another happy thing would be i got an A for a extra paper for my changing landscape module! although this will only be abit of apart of my marks, but its the first time i got A for a "project". hehe. i think i'm very lucky, cause up till now all my project members are very hard working. i'm very satisfied with my english group also! think we did a very comprehensive research paper about Singlish. hehe. we even binded it and it was considerable thick! compared to others like afew papers only. today i had driving lesson and i tried going 4th gear real quickly compared to the last few times i drove. feel so satisfied. haha. and today i finally managed to work with a very long never work with le partner.. hehe. tomor going to meet up with my friends le.. =) well.. guess the world is not bad after all.. maybe i should not do last minute work again. and understand understand understand what i'm learning.

this is just the first sem of my university, and there are so many times i keep thinking why am i torturing myself like this. haha. i don't know. maybe i should stop thinking about it. and maybe my grades will improve? haha. its all going to work out in the end anyway.. =) 3 to 4 more years to go, that's all. hope i will pull though.. =)


loves to be happy!


jia qi



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