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Monday, June 25, 2007 @12:06 PM

am i very horrible? i'm suppose to be filial to my parents. to listen to them, and take care of them. etc. but my mum is always thinking negative thoughts, and whatever she say, most of it will have abit of negativity inside. to be specific, things it all sums up to other people might have ulterior motive for doing this etc. i understand that the world can be mean, unfair and backstabbers are everywhere. but i don't like to always be thinking or hearing about it. i prefer to have positive thoughts and to listen to positive stuff as well. i don't get it. why does my mum like to say bad about other people, or think about negative stuff. i think she changed. or maybe i have not been patient and caring as like last time. now, i feel very fustrated when i hear very loud voices, and what she say really gets to me at times. i try to keep it inside of me, but sometimes its too much to bear. so i rather stay away from home bah. but on the other hand, they will not be happy with me. they would keep saying that i always go out etc. and should be at home more. but why would i want to be at home when i will feel very sad, and uncomfortable. i don't like it. haiz. i don't know. i really don't know what will be the best solution. i want to stay at home to relax and enjoy. but everytime i stay at home, i get "scolded" or "said". i know i'm horrible to be thinking this way. haiz. i don't know.

anyway on a lighter note, i'm going fass camp tomor! will be in green grp, titans. haha.. having mix feelings le. scared most of all. hope everything will be fine. >.<

Saturday, June 23, 2007 @1:42 AM

today i had driving again. this time round i did test road 8, 9 and 10. my beginning was not stable unlike yesterday one. in the beginning, it was quite quiet but i asked hum afew technical questions like when should i on my left or right signals. abit dumb, but i just want to confirm it. realised i have to signal roughly 5 seconds before i do the action. later on i realised that he also like onah onah. haha. but he will not go to those famous or nice stores whenever he had a craving. he will just go to any stores to eat it. we talked about having babies as well. haha. think his reason for not having any was very realistic, money. and he felt that they were troublesome like he the crying or shitting part. when they grow up, they will be spending his money and after that when he grow old, there is no confirmation that his children will stay with him. even if he was sick, the children cant do much except to accompany to the hospital, or cry for him? haha. sarcastic le. he also think that when he grow old, both his wife and him can die togehter. i tried to debate with him by saying the joy of raising a kid, and how they can help support you when your old, and keep you accompany. but he asked me back, how long do you actually interact with your family? when you grow older, you have a family to support as well so the amount you give to your parents might not be very much actually etc. thinking about it, i feel that i'm not a good child, i don't try to spend time with my parents, and am quite impatient with them compared to with my friends. its sad but i don't know what happened that cause this to ended up this way. sad.

next i and pris went bugis to search for pris's friend birthday present. after a long while, and walking from bugis junction to og, we decided to get for him a levi shirt. though a coat we saw was nice, it was beyond her budget. i also brought two t-shirts. pris could not buy any t shirts, cause they were too small for her. we had a nails appointment at 5.30pm plus at purvis street, opposite national library. may introduced us de, as her friend into her to this place

26A Purvis Street Singapore 188603
by appointment only: 62381555

we had free sessions! caused it was being done by trainees, and its only available to the end of this month. hehe. we did manicure only, cause booking of pedicure was full. the manicure includes paffin mask, buffing, cleaning of nails, message, nail polish. it actually costs $25. so its very worth it, considering the service quite good even though it was a free trail.
the prices are roughly like $23 for basic manicure (without paffin mask), $25 for deluxe manicure, $35 for basic pedicure (without paffin mask) and $38 for deluxe pedicure. i don't really rememeber the extra cost but its roughly like this. they're having a promotion now for 1st time customer, basic manicure and pedicure @$70 for two. haha.. i think its very worth it. haha. this place provides mostly spa treatment for both hands and legs. and i heard that quite a few actress go there as well. overall it was a not bad experience! and i quite like my nail polish colour. hehe. hands should have a lighter colour while legs should be darker.

next we headed to vivo city to walk around abit as we still had time to spare before the celebration. i brought a charles and keith shoe for $19.90. haha. badly in need of a shoe, as i have walked off my dmk shop heel, such that it became flats. and my mom has been nagging about changing my shoe. even pris told me that one day i might just slip and fall. so yup, i have new shoes! hehe. me and pris got the same design, but she's going to get hers at tampines as size 7 is out of stock.

Friday, June 22, 2007 @1:59 AM

today i went with pris in the morning to get choc and spics muffins and chewy junior! choc and spics muffins are the best i have ever eaten! haha. the taste is unique and they are just so so good! softer then normal muffins u see on the market, and i think it has sort of a cake texture? love the chocolate chip one lots. especially when warmed up. so so yummy! hehe. and the price is considered cheap too, $1 for chocolate chip, double chocolate, banana, coconut, cheese, punpkin etc. $1.20 for blue berry, cramberry. for the chewy junior. to me its considered as a latest craze in singapore for queues. haha. followed by the recent donut factory at raffles city. which i don't think its very nice except for the chocolate one. hehe. on top is white and there is chocolate inside of it. warmed up is excellent! i heard from my ex collegues that donuts when eaten after it is baked or eaten on the spot where you brought it is the nicest. even so i feel that this does not justify queueing for 3 hours for it. but i still prefers those market kind one bah, soft soft de. hehe. for chewy junior, to me i don't find it very outstanding. maybe its my braces and the bite plate. i feel that its not chewy and abit hard to bite. but pris and my mom seems to love it. both said it was chewy and tasted nice. i tried apple, oreo, blue berry and peanut butter. think the cream goes well with the base. apple, i don't really like the apple topping, tasted abit like medicine taste. just a tad bit, but it destroy the taste abit. oreo's presentation was not very nice, but it tasted not bad. i think out of these 4, i prefered the blueberry or peanut butter bah. i think. haha. don't really fancy it though. think my bite plate cause me not able to enjoy the chewiness of the pastry. sadz hor. from what i read, the waiting time for this is 30 mins. i reached at 11.15am. but the shop only opens at 11.30. haha. be there at 11.30 and you can be the first few, however barely 10 mins after 11.30 i saw 6 to 7 people behind me queueing already. haha. abit scary as the crowd just popped up. so i think its best to go just when the shop opens to avoid queueing.

went driving today as well. feel satisfied as finally my first few minutes of driving was quite stable. haha. not like last few times when i will release the clutch too much, or press too much of accelerator or cause the car to jerk forward etc. haha. maybe its the car that caused me to have a better start of my lesson. hehe. i did test routes today. completed 4 out of 10. the traffic was quite light today, so i can complete quite alot bah. hehe. today i met plenty of nice drivers! many gave way to me, even if i made a mistake, they will wait patiently behind my car and never sound the horn. hehe. the instructor was nice to tell me what must take note at each test route. and i must remember that when driving off on a slope, half clutch first and all the way, before releasing break then accelerate. i hope i have enough lessons to last me till my test. hehe.

wendy appeal's to nus was changed from denied to approved. so good right! i hope this thing happen to pris also. hehe. in the beginning i did ponder about my friends scoring lower then me but got into the same course. abit unfair bah. my dad did added in salt and pepper by saying don't go for courses which has a lower bench mark compared to your score. i don't really believe in that. but now i don't care about it at all. i'm happy for them. =) i got a place inside does not mean others should not be offered a place inside. its a fair game we're playing. so i'm happy for everyone. and i have accompany as well. hehe. we can study together, and help each other. so good right. hehe.

i enjoy my life. i have never regretted much on anything that i have done or any of my decisions. not that i know of, if i really regretted it i think i will remember it, but up to now there's none. except for this one, that will be inside my memory for very long i guess. being together with wm. i do enjoy the times i spend with him, and i never regretted about accepting him. but what i regret now is i should not have accepted him in the first place. haha. contradicting and confusing i think. cause now we broke up, and we agreed during our relationship that we will be friends if we broke up. but sadly, wm cant do it. and i regret telling him that he still has a chance. but we have to start as friends again. i regret giving him that hope. saying that if he tried to woo me again, then maybe i will grow fonder of him. though he say he cant do it, and hope we just get together again before he does anything. i regret not being strong about our break up, not having a clean break up. i regret picking up his calls, still sms him like nth has happen and we are still friends quite soon after our break up. not giving him enough time to cool down from this event. i regret showing that i still cared about him. which i do as a friend, but it only make him not give up on me. i regret that i accepted this relationship too fast, when i have only known him much on msn and phone calls but not much in person. i regret not knowing how sentimental and emotional he was. finally, i regret to even start this relationship as now we cant even be like before. which was the period that i really like and now i feel wasted that i cause it to be lost forever. it was all in my own foolish part that i thought we can be like last time again. when only reality hits me, that i know i have to stop this thinking cause its not possible to anymore. what would it be like if we never been together? alot much better then now i guess. i feel guilty, that he chose me as his first gf, and i did not do my part in being attentive, thinking for him, putting him in one of my top piorities, etc. but i cant, its not possible for me. so i feel guilty of giving him such a sad first experience. he deserve a much better ger then me. perhaps it was because he loved me more compared to me loving him. or me myself was just going for it for experience for cruelty saying just going for the fun of it. no matter what it was, or what could have happen. its over. i need a closure from it all. its not going to help thinking so much when all is over. i just pity him, because its going to be difficult for him to have closure in this. i never gave him the chance he wanted at the end, and i beat around the bush. i caused more misery to him. and though i wanted to help make it less hurting, i think i ended up hurting him more. i don't know what to do now except to leave him alone (yeah. but it will hurt him also) i don't know le. lost for words. i just hope he can let it go, or treat me as an enemy instead. i'm sorry.

i know by typing what i'm thinking down may ruin my life, as people will know inside out who i am. but somehow typing this down, makes me let go of it bah. at least its not cop up inside of me. =) so hope not alot of people see, or none at all and this will be my diary. haha.

Thursday, June 21, 2007 @12:28 AM

today was the last day of my admin job. time passed extremely fast. before i knew it, it was time to leave already. >.< i will miss juan, tiffany, may, cheryl, vanessa, li chia, aven, and even ester and mike. i enjoy my days in panasonic accounting department. even though the work is monotone and i sleep on my job at times. hehe. but its the environment that really counts.

i can always joke with juan, she make me laugh. haha. dunno why everytime talk to her i can end up laughing de. i can chat with her anything under the sun, she is very approachable and likeable also. and she manage to work for 5 years plus already! =x pei fu, pei fu. hehe. she always pass snacks and sweets around, and will offer to us also. today we talk about food le, maxwell centre at china town there has great tapioca cake! and beside china town square, got two store of soy duck noodle then there got not bad curry puff also. hehe.

may and tiffany really hit off. during tues dinner at swiss culture, they keep making us, me, juan and pris laugh till our stomach was quite pain. haha. may is cute, and funny, adorable, and innocent. hehe. she's a smu business student, having holiday now and going into 2nd year. she knows and tried alot of food as well! haha. so if got anything you want to eat, can ask her le. walking food dictionary. hehe. tiffany is a sporty girl, she plays batminton for competition and even coach people. she can run 5km afew times a week! last time it was from 8 to 10 km! wow. hehe. she's waiting for her acca school to start in august and will be leaving after the first week of july.

cheryl, looks quiet at first but once you know her you can actually chat with her and she is quite approachable de. for me, i don't really know about cheryl as she is with pris side de. so never talk to her much. but i find her very friendly. she ending her job soon le, next wed. cause she got into sim.

vanessa, just came on monday, to take over my place till end of august. she has a sister of my age! hehe. she has big, mesmerizing eyes. and she is 1.70m. hehe. she looks those quiet type, but after talking to her, can see that she is very friendly, and cna chat with de. hehe. she learn things very fast also! i just taught her once then she quite steady le. surprisingly, she's heavier then me. hehe. my first look at her then i thought she was very thin, but after looking again. she looks slim. hehe. she an acca student, studying her third year already if i'm not wrong.

aven, is a full timer. he's a acca student also, just finished first year. at first i feel that he's a weird guy. hehe. like he quite quiet de. but again, he's actually very approachable, and friendly. nice guy to work with also. haha.

li chia, is my senior at damai secondary! so funny to meet a senior. >.< feel she very li hai to stay in this job for 1 year le. haha. cause panasonic accounts is very specialized so we do routine work de. again, she is an approachable girl and very friendly also. =)

with such nice environment, its hard not to miss the place. the fun times we had, and its sad to part with them. hope we can meet up once in a while bah. they are very sweet also, got for me and pris royce chocolates! hehe. so tomor (or shd i say today), me and pris gonna get the chewy junior and muffins (choc & spics) for them. hehe. hope they like it and hope that the chewy junior is nice. is one of a latest craze in singapore. haha.

on tues we went to swiss culture to try their cheese fondue, seafood platter for two and chocolate fondue. total damage was about 80 plus and 5 people went. the cheese fondue was disappointing, cause not very strong taste and think the wine spoils it abit, as it caused a bitter aftertaste. the seafood platter consisted of 6 freash prawns, 4 scallop, cod or salmon fish, potato wedges or potato chips and garlic, mushroom or black pepper sauce (chose 2 out of 3). the scallop is cooked with cheese on top, it was not bad bah. then the prawns were quite big and fresh (easy to peel out the shell), goes good with the mushroom sauce. the cod was disappointing, the girls commented not fresh and overcooked. potato wedges was not bad bah, but i hope it was abit hotter only. hehe. chocolate fondue was not thick enought, quite runny. they came with banana, apples, strawberry and mushmellow. apples and chocolate to me, does not go well together. hehe. but i love banana and mushmellow with chocolate! actually bread with chocolate goes good together also. should try max brenner chocolate fondue, small for $20, big is $30. inclusive of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate, bread, mushmellow, banana, strawberry, apricot (afew). since i had the popular card, we had the chocolate fondue free with any order of the cheese fondue and some other main courses. but i feel that max brenner chocolate fondue is much nicer. hehe. so the meal was not very satisfactory and not very worth it also bah.

after that me and pris went down to centrepoint to get donuts from swiss bake. may was suppose to join us de, but she go accompany her friend for dinner, since he asked her to and he had no accompany. we brought chocolates, vanilla and raspberry. then on wed morning, me, pris, cheryl and may shared the donuts. raspberry is very sweet and taste abit like medicine. chocolate donut contain chocolate cream inside, and is oki only bah. vanilla is considered as the best le. but overall, i find that the lifestyle of strait times should not have given them 4.5/5. cause is not very fantastic. i don't really like it bah. still prefer market place, fuffy and soft kind. hehe.

chance upon a food blog. http://www.thebakerwhocooks.blogspot.com/
there is a recipe on onah onah and i don't need an oven! haha. i'm so gonna do it! and try it out. its going to be so good. hehe. cant wait to try out the recipe!

Sunday, June 17, 2007 @8:30 PM

today was my last day at starbucks bugis junction. feel sad cause will miss them and the fun environment it was for me to work in. all the partners were very helpful and i learn alot from them. although at times i don't know what they are thinking, and i might not be able to joke with them. knew that i very hard joke with people de, maybe cause i don't know how far to go or when to stop or start bah. if only i was those joker type of person then maybe i will be better bah. haha. i only know how to listen to people, and advise them. think nobody can be perfect. anyway in the end i brought meiji chocolate with strawberry and chocolate with mix fruits for the partners there. hehe. hope they like it.

after that i went home to bath then go to my uncle house to make rice dumpling. hehe. the first few was horrible, my uncle have to help me do the closing of the dumpling and the tying part. it takes time to learn de, a skill you can call it. but after a while, i was okey le. =) cause i did it once last year as well. but this year i knew i was better. had to put alot of ingredients instead of rice, cause my uncle prepared alot. in the end we still left alot. haha. the ingredients contain, meat, mushroom, dried prawns, winter melon sugar. cooking the rice dumpling would take about 1 hour. i ate two rice dumplings and winter melon plus pork rib soup. as the first batch contained alot of rice, i go scoop some of the ingredients from the bowl. i was like practically eating the ingredients instead of the rice. haha. but cause nice ma. hehe. before that i ate banana, apple, pear, prawn tako pachi from bugis junction, one third of peanut butter wafer, thai coconut and jelly dessert. i ate wholemeal bread for breakfast. haha. so now while i'm typing this, i'm bloated.

drank a nice sweet white wine at my uncle's place also. i drink like 3/4 of a wine glass. haha. later i felt tired and keep yawning. my uncle's friend looked at me and laugh, say my eye swallon and i drunk le. o.O *box him* haha. after that he laugh at me afew more times. i so funny meh. but the drink was very nice! hehe. i leant more wine today. the basics, red wine for red meat, white wine for white meat. for good red wine, the taste will linger at the back of the mouth, and there will be a circling effect from your mouth to your nose. bad red wine will havve the taste linger at the tip of the tongue. served in room temperature, best if warm it up abit. that's why people will cup their glasses and swirl it to quicken the heating effect. for white wine, it does not have any taste lingering in your mouth. smooth nice feeling. serve chilled, and people would hold the glass at the thin stick area below the cup. red wine cup has a bigger surface area compared to white wine cup. cause to enhance evaporation which will improve the taste. while a campaign wine cup will be slimmer and longer. the reason for that i kind of forget le. never really concentrate on the last part. hehe. anyway my uncle ask me to pass a beer to my dad, made from germany. haha. i want to try also! realised that choya, japanese wine is actually plum drink with alcohol content. haha. interesting right, should try some time. and soy milk is actually soya bean drink! haha. i very blur. >.< is an alternative drink to those who cant take milk.

today was a bloated yet fruitful day bah. hehe.

Saturday, June 16, 2007 @11:10 PM

think i live my life fruitful everyday, especially today. in the morning, i did my starbucks bar test. i had to complete a written paper and also do bar drinks, have to get the recipe correct, standards. i was scared of the bar drinks as i heard i have to do like 13 drinks in 15 minutes. but i think the manager was very kind and in the end i just did most of the customers drink. not really a test to me i guess as i never did all the drinks. maybe its because i'm not a partner of bugis store, just training there and will be going back to concourse. so like chop chop do finish my test? i'm not sure as well. haha. so i did finish the written paper, which i had to copy alot of stuff from the book, haha. its a open book test. and at the end of the day at 2 plus, the manager just flip through my paper, and mark some things, then say i pass already. abit dissappointed that he did not read all my answers, nor did he do the standard stuff i guess. anyway, i pass the test! haha.. and i'm a certified barista. =) going back to concourse next week.

after that i rushed down to city hall, to pass my camp form and payment to the fass camp committee. i was very pai seh as i was late like 45 mins? though i did told them i will be late, when i'm suppose to meet them at 2.30, in the end i reach at 2.45. but there were 4 girls just waiting for me! >.< anyway, i signed up for the camp already! damn scare and everything, but hack it all. haha. if i keep delaying, i will be wasting time asking people if i should go for the camp, and thinking and thinking. hope that i wont be alone bah. hehe.

after that i went back home and prepared to go for father's day celebration. we went jack's place at simei to eat, 8 of us, my whole family, my grandma and granddad, my uncle and his friend. the total bill was like $240. haha. but expected bah, cause it was like whatever we wanted, we just order. we had mushroom soup and lobster soup, salad. calamari, muscles for appetizers. the soup was not bad, i feel that the mushroom soup quite diluted. but the lobster soup was a great improvement, considering that the first time and last time i tried the soup was afew years ago and it had sandy taste on it. the calamari was nothing special, but my parents love the muscles. haha. main courses we had were like seafood in a pan, chicken, salmon, sambal steak, black pepper steak, jack's special steak. i shared the jack's special steak with my sis. surprisingly it was nice, i feel that it is nicer then ribeye (the steak i always go for). it is more tender and has a nice texture to it, it's not hard also and goes well with the mushroom sauce. if i come back next time, i think i will order that again. hehe. love the baked potatoes! haha. actually i'm a great fan of potatoes, so i can eat alot even if i'm full. haha. surprise, surprise and its full of carbo. the desserts were a great disappointment. we had brownie and ice cream and american cheese cake. the brownie tasted like chocolate cake, it was not moist enough. while the cheese cake, was not smooth enough and it barely passes to be a cheese cake. hehe. secret recipe cheese cake wins hands down. although i have not tried alot of stuff before unlike my uncle, but even he commited he has tasted better ones. haha. he also said that if we had tried those really good steaks like one small piece for $60 plus. we would not come jack's place again. haha. overall, i think i'm satisfied with the steak only. hehe. jack's place has student set lunch also le, now university students also included! yeah. haha. $6.50 per meal, 1.30pm to 5.30 pm, mon to fri. set include main course, tea/coffee, double scope ice cream. main course: baked chicken and mushroom rice, breaded fish fingers with fries, chicken cutlet with fries, beef strogonaff with spaghetti. like not bad le. hehe.

simei has those small food stores! like muah chee, pasa malam stores, portugeese egg tart, muffin, kueh. haha. i'm so hype at these kind of food stores, cause i want to eat the food! haha. but due to my small appetite, its hard to satisfy all my cravings. anyway going to save a space in my stomach for muah chee! haha.

after that i went to tampines to meet pris. cause they had a dance show thingy at the central, plus food stores. hehe. so we went to view the food stores also. however the dance show was not those kind of hip hop de, so we skipped it. went window shopping for awhile, but got sian of it, cause nothing much to shop also. in the end went basement to see food stuff. haha. i think i'm much more interested in food stuff. lastly we went to mac to chat for awhile. haha. she just cut her hair, and i think its not bad. hehe. the side view is nice! spike spike de, at the back. went to cut my hair on friday also. but not much changes. then the lady go perm my hair abit, those temporary de. cause i wanted to perm my hair, abit like make it have curls. so she say help me do then let me see if i like it anot. so nice! but in the end the effect i don't like, i look so much older, and i have to dye my hair or not it will not look very nice. so the lady suggested for me to rebond my hair instead. haha. at least with black hair, it will look not bad bah. haha. maybe i will do that but it will cost me around $200 of damage! haha. see how first, alot of money le. >.<

pris was thinking whether or not to go for camps also, cause she don't really like to meet new people nor go into new environment. i'm scare also bah. but i never go for these kind of camps before and i think i will never have the chance to go if i never go for this one. hehe. too bad i cant go with her le. we thought of going for the union camp. but surprise surprise its fully packed! and we will be on the waiting list. so fast right! haha. so many people so enthu. haha.

sums up, i realised today i did alot of stuff. did not know that within one day, so many things can happen to me. haha. not sure if its good or bad. =)

back entry haha, on monday i went with pris to watch ocean thirteen, at vivo gv, the big screen de. surprisely we paid $7 each for the ticket. very long never see movie and so cheap le. the cinema was big, such that i did not find the screen big at all. but pris said there's a difference. haha. we were quite full, but the temptations of pop corn or nacho filled our minds, and we decided to get the nachos (should be i decided). hehe. i find the movie was nice, but abit short. i feel that should elaborate more on the plot but overall it was short and sweet, even though it was around 2 hrs long, i still find it short. haha.

Thursday, June 14, 2007 @1:10 PM

Help. my stomach is bloated. went to try out one of the "lost and found" places in singapore near ICA building, north bridge road food centre. i ate the fried kuay tiao while pris ate the malay food. pris was very dissapointed as the vegetables had sand in it, and the meat there is "xin wei", the egg was like rubber also. for me, the fried kuay tiao, pris and my collegue say not bad but i don't like that kind of version, prefer my house one which has more sauce so more taste to it. to me, it was a big potion for $2. and i had to sadly finish it off although i was full half way through it. sob.. now my stomach is very very very bloated. regretting. >.< next time i don't want to eat those kind of food already. very regretful. haiz.. after trying two stores of the "lost and found" makan places, i don't really trust their recommandation already. but realised that north bridge road food centre has plenty of cheap food, the nasi lemak, 4 dishes for $2.50 or $2 (can't remember). the mix food of 3 dishes was $2.30. there is one bread store also, selling small bread and small egg tart for 3 for $1, some other bread for 40 cents and muffin for 70 cent each. there are plenty of variety like curry potato, red bean, hot dog, cheese, etc. tried their egg tart and it was oki only, still prefer portugeese egg tart any time. the curry potato to me was too hot! haha. but pris felt nothing. i prefer near wendy house there the curry potato. it is not as hot but the ingredients is alot, cost either 60 or 80 cents. i will still go there again but not to those two stores. ^^

RiceTable: Indonesian Restaurant
- International Building opp Hilton Hotel (near shaw house)
" Its actually a buffet with 20 different dishes to choose from. They serve you all 20 in small proportions once you start and then you can call for more of whicheva dish you like. The tahu telor and ayam panggang very very good. $19.80++ per person seems pretty worthwhile to me actually. "

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 @1:46 PM

so fast, 5 more days and i ended my admin job. made plenty of friends there, and had a great time also. the environment was great. slack lots! haha.. feel so awful. today my last toe hurt more then yesterday, and i don't know why, thinking maybe its the way i place my plaster. with my rubber bands i have to put onto my braces and injured toe, i seriously thinking if i should go for nus fass camp. on one hand i so want to go and know more about nus, but physically and appearance wise.. haiz.. i don't know what to do, and i must make my decision fast. maybe i should ask my dad also, cause i have to stay overnight for about 4 days? don't even know if he will allow. haha. now finding for tuition assignments, cause i think i want to tutor at least 2 kids, for my future increase in expenditure. after signing for yoga for the next few months, and suddenly spending $900 plus in one month. even though it was suppose to be spreaded out. but i feel guilty that i'm not saving and spending so much instead. maybe that's why i try to go for cheaper stuff, bring food from home etc. it could make me look as a miser and i don't want to make it look this way. but till i am satisfied that i have earn back the money i have spent then i will be more happy bah. however, the food places that i will be going with pris to go and try the food will cost me a bomb as well. i so want to go and try those nice food, but it will be hurting my pockets i guess.. its a give and take. haha. so i hope i can find tuition kids soon, i'm going to be more hardworking by leaving my name and contact number to any tuition centres or those advertisement i come across. as i have never tutor kids before and i only want tuition math subjects, i guess i have to wait longer. but at least i will be doing some action instead of talking about it. ^^

Takaya Bistro
133 New Bridge Road
#01-01A/B Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
Tel: 6534 5758

Upper Thomson branch:
244B Upper Thomson Rd
Thomson Garden Estate
Singapore 574369
Tel 64559832

buffet lunch at SGD19.80nett and dinner at SGD23nett

Sweet Ring Pastry & Cake shop

Blk 165 Bukit Merah central
#01-3661 (S)150165
Contact num: 62730342
- donuts, bread and pau
- can take 196

North Bridge Road Food Centre
- fried kuay tiao, h.j.h nasi ayam, special yong tau fu

maxwell food centre
- wu xiang

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 @4:57 PM

today is a happy and sad day. sad cause my last toe nail bled. i was walking out of the two heavy doors to go to the toilet. at the second one, i was tired and abit sian sian so i just pull the door hard not thinking why its harder then usual. then i realise, the door actually pulled my last toe nail along. so it started bleeding. i could feel abit pain, but it was bearable. so i just stayed in the toilet to try to stop the bleeding. there was many collegue who went pass me to go to the toilet and out but only one helped me. surprisingly, it was the lady that my two friend did not really like.. haha.. but she is a nice lady, she told me to wash the toe and even told me to put anticeptic cream and plaster. after that she even went out to help me get it. so sweet. =) there were no anticeptic cream, so i just paste plaster on it. because i had my toe almost broke, i cant wear my black shoe anymore. pris say it would hurt badly, meaning i don't have my bar test today! haha.. =)

during lunch, i ate at the food court below concourse, i simply love the malay food. it is very delicious and sweet. hehe. pris and cheryl wanted to try the potato salad at starbucks. so i brought them there as i could get staff price.. and my partners there, esp jeremy told me drinks for them were on the house. =) anyway the partners over there are nice. and hsu even told me she can arrange for my bar test in concourse instead. haha.. see how it goes. no matter what i will still have to face it.

Monday, June 11, 2007 @1:23 PM

Today is a very very boring day. haha.. cause i have nothing much to do then keep surfing the net. luckily my house internet connection is down, or not i come to work, nothing much to surf also. hehe. however alot of things happen on the weekends.

At starbucks, i did closing. it was the first time i did closing, so it was quite "enriching" for me. haha. i became someone's relationship advisor. ^^ haha.. hope their relationship turns out great as from what he said, i feel that they are so in love with each other.

went to attend my cousin's wedding. she has the same name as me, so it was abit funny to hear my name over and over again at a wedding. haha.. my mom's immediate family, are so pretty and handsome! maybe it could be because they have mix blood in them. and all of them spoke good english. if only i was like one of them. >.< name="shop24">Hougang 6 Miles Famous Muah Chee
- #01-346 Blk 682, Hougang Ave 8, Singapore 530682


重庆正宗老火锅 (Chongqing Original Old Hotpot*)
- #01-02 Chye Sing Building, 87 Beach Road., Singapore 189695
- $15


Cafe Oliv
220 East Coast Road
11.30am to 12mn daily
Sunday: 8am to 12mn

price range: 10 plus
- Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab $4.90 1 crab
- Pork Ribs $14.90
- Lamb Shank $14.95
- Beer Batter Fish $10.90

Friday, June 08, 2007 @9:40 AM

felt refreshed in the early morning, that got me thinking, maybe i was really lethagic yesterday when i slept 7 hours, but today i just had 6 hours of sleep. however close to 9.45am, i was practically sleeping on my work desk. nodding my head away.. *box* indeed, i need alot of sleep. haha.. i realise how "lihai" i am in school, where only 4 hours of sleep is suffice for my entire day events. however now with 6 to 7 hours of sleep, i have the "i want to die already" look, my panda eyes are inevitable even though i will try to sleep longer when i can. haiz..

luckily, 20th this month is my last day of work! *yeah* haha.. this week breeze past, and very soon, i am going to have alot of free time. =)

this blog is also becoming my memo pad.. haha.. going to post stuff that i want to remember also.. hehe.. this time round it will be subjects of course.

2)intro to econs
3)prin of sociology
4)intro to business mgt
5)prin of accounting
6)corp finance
7)prin of marketing
8)managerial econs
10)law of busin organ
11)human resource
12)manage :international &comp


Food sections (want to try it out)

i want to go amoy food centre! so many nice food that i want to go and try! its near tanjong pagar mrt. so can walk there to my yoga as well which is at raffles.. hehe..

i got all this from http://ieatishootipost.blogspot.com/search/label/9%20Amoy%20St%20Food%20Centre. hehe..

1) www.sgkueh.com
Amoy St Food Centre #02-122
Mon-Sat 10.30am to 3pm
98338333 Michael Tan

2) Zhen Zie Dessert Ah Balling
Amoy Street Food Centre
10am to 3pm
Closed on Sunday

3) Hoo Kee Rice Dumpling
Amoy Street Food Centre #01-18
Open 8am until sold out (usually by lunchtime)
Closed Sundays
You really need be Kiasu and call ahead to reserve to avoid dissppointment

4) Han Kee Fish Porridge (healthy!)
Amoy Street Food Centre Stall (2nd level opp sgkueh stall 122) Open 10am to 3pm
Closed on Sundays

5)Fried Kway Teow
Stall #01-01 (Just opposite the POSB ATM)
Opened 8am to 8pm
Closed every 3rd Sunday

6) Hong Kee Beef Noodle
Amoy Street Food Centre #01-42
Weekdays 11am to 7.30pm
Weekends 9am to 2.30pm
Closed on Public Holidays

ala-carte dim sum buffet at Tung Lok Seafood East Coast

nice.. especially e siew mai
plus u can oso choose sme small dishes to add on
but better make a reservation 1st b4 going there

Monday to Friday
Adult $16.80+++
Child (Below 10 Years Old) $9.80+++

Adult $18.80+++
Child Below 10 Years Old) $9.80+++

(最少四位起/ Minimum 4 Persons)

Monday to Saturday
Lunch 11.30am to 2.15pm

Building B, 1000 East Coast Parkway,
2nd Floor East Coast Recreation Centre
Tel: +65 6246 0555

Thursday, June 07, 2007 @1:09 PM

today i had a great appetite. in the morning i had 2 sun kuew, ping kuew (have no idea how to spell it) and red bean bread. next for lunch, i managed to eat hokkien mee and onah onah. haha.. i tried the hokkien mee at army hawker centre. it was quite dry but nevertheless its not bad. much nicer then simei one.. but it cost the same $3, and potion is lesser. anyway.. after finally eating a nice hokkien mee, i think my craving for it is finally over. =) after eating so many onah onah, i have come to a conclusion that i will from now only buy from bengawan solo. even though it is 6 for $2.40, 60 cents for one small onah onah. but its by far the best onah onah i have tried. so next time i want to eat onah onah, shall ask my dad to get for me. hehe..

NUS FASS arts camp! haha.. realised that forum are indeed very useful. if i had not chance upon hardwarezone forum, i will not know a person in the committee of the art camp, and i will not know that registration only starts on the 15th june! furthermore i have the website of the art camp.


haha.. feel so lucky as i have more time to think whether or not i want to attend this camp. but there are so many benefits compared to con, the biggest con is i scare i alone and nobody to be with. =( will think abt it bah.. and hope pris and wendy's appeal to fass is succesful.. hehe..

shd i spend 400 plus on a cruise for 3N? is it worth it? the feeling of getting away from everything is indeed tempting. furthermore if my parents allow me to go with my friends. that would be even better.. haha.. so now think is not whether i want to go anot, is whether my parents allow me or not. so i shd not think so much. haha.. i realise just this morning that i have always meet my dad's expectation and more no matter what. funny thing isn't it. my dad does not expect much from me and my sister, if we can do it then go for it. of course he wished that we will do better. but in studies wise, he leave us plenty of space to study. if we need tuition he will find one for us, or he might even ask us if we wants tuition. he calls spending money on tuition fee as investments. haha.. regarding all my achievements, i thank God for it. because i feel that me alone would never be able to achieve it. i always think that i'm lucky.

going back to do my work. >.< slacking alot these days.. hehe..

Wednesday, June 06, 2007 @1:18 PM

was saying in my earlier post that yesterday would be my slackest day. i dont think so now. haha..

went shopping with pris at suntec. suntec has nothing much to shop! we ended up looking at food places again. haha.. i want to eat so many many stuff! sushi, kushinbo buffet (wed nite: ladies nite, price is around $24 +++ similar to weekday lunch buffet, price is only two hours 5.30 to 7.30 but i think that would be enough), gelaria's wafer plus ice cream, swiss culture's cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, main set meals, shilin's mee sua, hotdogs, japanese food, new york new york, nydc, crystal jade tim sum, kenny rogers, pizza hut, pasta, delifrance steak, porridge lunch buffet and the new food court at suntec conventional tower, korean bbq (saw at suntec or far east or east coast).

above are all in suntec, next will be hawker centre or food court food, hehe. hokkein mee, mutton with meat ball soup, laksa, chicken rice, malay or chinese cai fan, bian mian, tang yuan, bugis junction 8 curry chicken, marine parade mee fen and nasi lemak, fish soup, seafood soup, cha guo tiao, satay, claypot chicken rice, minced meat plus egg porridge.

Others include food or places which i want to go and eat =)
mau chi (not very sure how to spell, but the flour plus peanut and sugar that you can get from pasa malam), fullerton's chocolate buffet, japanese buffet, shangri la's the line, amoy food centre, max brenner, no seafood signboard, airport terminal 1 downstairs food court, chicken puff from hong lim complex (chinatown), chewy junior and muffin at tanjong pagar complex, home cooked food, maggie mee and many many more.

gosh! i got so many food i want to eat but the problem is, recently i have been eating very little. so my aim would be to eat different food each day. hehe.

in the end i brought a greenish-blue top and a brown shorts from G2000. the rest of my day was slacking infront of the tv. and before i knew it, i had to go to sleep. i had planned to sleep early, but the tv was so addictive! so in the end i slept around 12. -.-! next time must keep myself away from the television. funny thing is that i always keep telling myself to stay away from the television on my blogs, but i never seem to be able to do it. another thing is the great food blog or food forums on internet! haha. it always seems to amuse me and i can surf on it for hours.

For the past few months, I had the onah onah craze, such that when ever i see onah onah i will buy it no matter if i'm full or not. Up to now, bamgawan solo is the best! comparable could be the thai restaurant at parkway parade, 2nd floor near the escalator. I like onah onah will gula melaka in it. yesterday i brought one set at suntec. 6 for $2 if i'm not wrong. The flour was quite thick, and i could taste abit of durian on the outer layer. the gula melaka was very little. when i gave my parents to try it, my dad could not taste any durian at all. haha.. had been trying those big big onah onah. mostly all the skin quite thick, but can try bugis street or bedok interchange the side where there is posb bank. going to try more onah onah at suntec. hehe.. yesterday found two more stores selling those.

today felt tired even though i slept 6 hours plus. tiffany told me perhaps i should go jogging or brisk walk in the evening, then will help me sleep better. pris finally did her oreo cheesecake. hehe.. and i tried it just now at 2.45pm. the cheese goes well with pudding and wiped cream. but its very fatty. the oreo base had solidify after she left it in the freezer of our work place.. haha.. but overall i still think its nice. =)

my stomach has not been feeling well. i feel bloated easily and hence have not been eating healthy meals. i can eat bread every meal and still feel full the whole day. i feel that my stomach is not digesting much. at night i usually enjoy my pear and apple. pris told me i had better see a doctor, as my diet is not healthy. think i should go too, but i don't seem to have the time. should make time for it i guess.. hehe..

me and wm now is friends le. but to him is difficult, he got tell me he cant be friends with me as he feels uncomfortable. sad huh.. i don't know if i'm leading him wrongly. cause i did told him the chance of getting together is there if he trys. i don't mind being together again, but i must know that he is the guy i wants. someone that is funny, feels comfortable being with, and we interact and make decisions together. easy right? haha..

having a sore throat now.. during lunch i went to get starfruit juice without ice and it cost $3! gosh! luckily i brought bread from home for lunch. hehe. pris brought royce choc yesterday, and today she brought for me 4 choc to eat! hehe.. they were so nice. two were dark chocolate and two were dark chocolate with abit of alcohol in it. i could not taste much of the alcohol, but when i tried the second one, it gave me abit of a headache. hehe.. had tried chocolate with alcohol brought from the airport before and that was like whoa! the alcohol was very very thick. did not like it at all cause it was somewhat bitter so gave all to dad. hehe..

my collegues are so sweet! they would buy food for everyone to eat. that time i ate almond jelly and longang, though i did not like almond jelly at all but i still ate finish it, quite milky. hehe.. i also ate plenty of sweets, chocolates, jelly, bread and even you tiao! haha. just now another collegue that made the almond jelly gave us bite size chocolate or cheese cake. i think all the office are usually like this as when i was working at robinson, they passed food around as well. that time during chinese new year, so i ate plenty of chinese new year cookies. hehe.. no wonder office ladies have bigger butts. hehe.. i'm trying to avoid it, so i usually sit at the end of the chair and breathe in while i do my work. however since i have a big tummy, breathing in is abit difficult. >.< i'm also trying to sit straight up.

later i will be going suntec again with pris. as pris wants to get the G2000 shorts also. its just 15 mins walk from the concourse. the distance from concourse to sunteck and concourse to bugis is similar! amazing right. haha..

can't believe i just realise that i'm digressing throughout my whole blog entry! my main point was to say that i want to be away from all work. haha.. feel like going oversea also. hope my parents allow me to go oversea with my friends. =x

Tuesday, June 05, 2007 @1:56 PM

today will be my slackest day since a very long time ago. haha.. caz the yoga classes i want to attend is all fully packed. so i have enough time to just go walk walk and go home, rest and relax, read a book or watch show or just surf the net. =) just hope nobody disturbs me at home. hehe.. i'm so full now! ate two banana and a cup cake.. haha.. my collegue told be that banana will cause me to have weak legs. >.< hope i don't get it now or when i'm old. i'm loving fruits now, i eat china frangance pear and apple everyday. i'm so healthy. =x haha.. my stomach feels weird though, everytime i eat abit of anything, i'm full already. something wrong with my digestive system. having constipation.. haiz.. feels sad and unhappy because of it also. sometimes don't feel like eating at all. but don't worry, i wont miss my daily intake of fruits. =) ending work in half an hour time! loving it.. today was quite fulfilling as i'm doing something and not surfing the net.. hehe.. i like to surf the net on food! its my favorite past time. haha.. after i signed up for true yoga which costed me $900. i'm feeling abit sad and very broke. my income is quite little and i'm not tuitioning anyone. if only i did, then i wont be so broke. hehe.. anyway.. trying to save as much money as i can. so will try not to eat out always or maybe eat those cheap stuff. however at times when i spend on expensive food, all my hard work of saving money goes down into the drain. and singapore sale is on! but i cant enjoy it. what is done is done. so i should not feel too sad and just save save save! haha.. =)

Sunday, June 03, 2007 @11:07 PM

after two days of 8 hrs of sleep. i'm rested! i feel so much better compared to the last few days. Although trainings at starbucks is tough to me, i think that i'm much better emotionally now. I don't like to see disappointed face. I'm training in bugis junction, it can consider to be a quite high volume store. The place is quite big and i think many people have went there before. When i just started out in making the frap or the espresso drinks, i was horrible! I was slow, and i keep making mistakes, in cup markings and recipes. Gosh! i was horrible! Especially on my first day at the bar. Today was my second day at the bar, and i guess i did better. but i realised i had a problem. When there were alot of people that time, we had to "slam". and it was horrible for me! i will panic and forget about everything, and i feel that i'm a hindrance then a helper. >.<

i would rather just leave all of it to them. i am so scared about my bar test. i just hope i can do better.

its ironic that i'm actually feeling stressed out on work and not on studies. i always said that i'm not stressed. that i have not experienced stress before. but i think i will admit to it now. its horrible and luckily i managed to pull myself back? i hope. maybe i'm just adding stuff by stuff onto myself. such that i'm even losing myself. maybe that's why i felt so tired this week. think this week, i broke a record by crying everyday. haha.. >.< i want to rest and relax at home. but i cant cause i cant stand my home. its sad actually. whenever i'm at home, my mom always seem to pick on me telling me what i should do correctly or what i did wrongly, basically nagging at me. whenever i'm at home and i hear a quarrel, it really irritates me alot. i don't know why. last time i can always keep it inside, tolerating, but i feel hard for me now. maybe i'm losing my patience. i don't know. i realised i get irritated easily as well. maybe i have changed. i'm not the pat i used to be. haiz.. hope this is not true.. cause i prefer to me like my own self, patient, listening, smiling always.

Friday, June 01, 2007 @11:25 AM

I feel like running away from everything. My house, my work, my life. Maybe I have adding too much stuff into my life. To think I can cope with it all. But I have doubts now. Many things have happen during this week. I realize starbucks job is not all nice and everything. I have to memorise a lot of stuff and keep practicing. Especially the drink name calling part. To me its difficult as I keep getting it wrong. My mind can’t think straight. Work has always been slack back, just keying in invoices and checking and rechecking the amount on all invoices and the computer. Broke up with him. I just cry when I know that he will not be with me anymore. When I know that he will not be there for me anymore. When I know I have lost him. Gosh. I was the one that initiated the break up. But I’m in pain now. I don’t want to patch up because I guess I will take him for granted again. Maybe I just need to know that there is always someone I can count on. I cannot commit myself to doing nothing much at all. I’m selfish. Or maybe I cried because there is too much thing going on in me that I cannot take it. I might break down anytime. This week, I cried practically everyday. Pathetic right. I always knew I was an emotional person. But first time in my life I became like this. I’m not feeling well also, sore throat, running nose, a bit headache, thinking when’s my fever coming. Physically and mentally tired I guess. Great. It’s supposed to be my holiday and I’m torturing myself. I don’t know why, but its only during holiday do I have long term sickness. I cannot stay at home. Tired to stay at home yesterday. In the end, mom did her usual scolding me about things I did wrongly or not supposed to do. Heard quarrelling, dad and sis etc.. Yesterday I so wanted to get out of my house, but I have no place to go. Nor will I think my parents will allow me to do that. So I just stay in the master room alone, crying. I wonder at times, if there is another person like me. But I think who will be so stupid right. Will breaking up, lead to this kind of feeling? Or am I the only one? This is my first time, and it hurts badly. I don’t think this is worth it, as I rather just be friends if I knew the ending would be so hurtful and nothing will be the same again. Don’t feel like eating recently, but don’t know why my mouth feels like biting or chewing. I can eat very little or a lot. Also, at work after my breakfast, I will feel like vomiting. Gosh. Hate these feelings. Feel like escaping from everything. But everything comes with responsibility. I want to, but I know I can’t. The consequences behind it might ruin my life forever. Yet if I don’t take a break, I might fall into depression. I write until like this is a very severe issue. Haha. Maybe it is. But I know people have encountered much worst stuff. Anyway, hope I can feel better soon. If only Singapore was not so small. If only there were remote places in Singapore like in Australia? Plenty of green fields, lake, lakes, and the blue sky above you. When I grow old, I think I will migrate there or something. Don’t really like to stay in the city side forever. I prefer the nature. =)

@9:20 AM

Wednesday - 30.05.2007

*yawns * recently been sleeping around 5hrs each day. Feeling tired, yet I cant stop or not my world will fall down on me and it will be even worst.

Many people does two jobs because they are in need of money. For me, it was for my interest. When people know I got two jobs, they would usually be shocked and say that it is very tiring. Actually I don’t think so, simple because I’m doing it for interest and not just cold hard cash. Even though it might drain my energy out of me, but I never regret once at all. I realized the big impact that interest can do to any of us. When we are interested in anything, we will go great extend to do it. In life, I have always try to find something to keep me going on, be it the great results, better future, great presents from my dad if I did well etc. But I guess the most important thing whether I’m satisfied with these achievements. People have different expectations of themselves so to others they did very well, but to the person it could be a different case.

Been feeling mood less for a very long time, days, months, years? I forgot, does not really matter anyway. Perhaps I’m just ignoring my feelings, or I forgotten how to identify my feelings. Basically I think too much! Haha.. I don’t deny that I do feel happy, sad, angry at times. But these feelings fade off, and I’m mood less again. Should it be this way? I realize while typing this that whenever I’m alone thinking, I will end up feeling sad. Self pitying? It’s a bad habit I guess. Happy times to me are the best, but they seem so short. Maybe is just me that’s the problem. How I actually face the world and myself. I can decide whether or not to be happy. So perhaps I chose the other one instead. It’s easier to feel sad for yourself then feeling happy? Sound weird but it could be true.

Funny. It seems that every blog I create, I will have an entry that is something like this. I don’t feel that I change much though. Haha. Knowing the problem but not curing it. Haha. This will be a hurdle I must learn to clear it, if I have the will to that is. Haha.
Will anyone ever be happy always, or for most of the time? I would want to learn from them.


loves to be happy!


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