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Sunday, February 24, 2008 @11:45 PM

what will you do
when everything you say is wrong
what will you do
when your expected to only do what is "right"
what will you do
when you get scolded for nothing you have done
(which is also considered wrong)
what will you do
when you get scolded for not responding properly
what will you do
when you expected to do things kindly when you got scolded from the same person
what will you do
when you got scolded again for not replying properly
what will you do
when everything you do is wrong and everything else is correct
what will you do

fed up, bottled up, said my points but it got drown by a shouting of her rights, gone into deaf ears, wanted to be helpful, wanted to be nice, but got harshed up, then later expected to be helpful volunteering. how much can one person take! i seriously wonder.

red wounds everywhere, legs looking horrible, soon whole body will be. those tiny stuff that are not seen through human eyes but leave a terrible mark on one's body. i'm afraid to sleep, i'm afraid to seat on anywhere.

life still goes on. every minute, every second without even concern about you. mentally exhausted for now. but studying will keep me accompany. at least i'm not alone, i got my books with me. at least i won't feel depress, others are worst then me. i have God, shelter, food, water, my life. i won't feel ignored. i rather be left alone for now. i won't be sad for myself. being sad wont make things better.

blogging to me, is an art of expression. no one can or should criticise on other people blog. its what you want to post, and what other want to see. the close button is always ready.

dunno why i tok abit this. randomness.

the nite is young. a pile of stuff i hav to complete. wishing the sun will not come out.


loves to be happy!


jia qi



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