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Thursday, January 31, 2008 @1:28 PM

suddenly felt like blogging again.. haha.. wanted to change my blogskin, but as i look at it again.. i luv it! so forget abt changing it...

this sem i'm taking micro, macro, econometrics, communications and new media, southeast asia.. up to now, i think i'm loving what i am studying..

communication and new media is like so me, if i had more time to really search and find out about new stuff online.. haha.. i like to search online and know new sites about it.. and about the information age that we are embracing, the digital age and the importance of the interent. both the software and the hardware, the computers and the education, have to be there inorder for everyone to be in this part of the new age. but there are so so many limitations like language, income, age etc.. once we solve this, its like solving the whole puzzle! but its not as easy as it is written. i guess people can have many great ideas but the implimentations is where the bottleneck is.

southeast asia, the lecturers are oh so funny. haha.. i like how Dr Ikeya present the lecture, she's pretty, smart and witty.. haha.. and Dr Mrazek is very very funny! =) always will enjoy the lecture.. but one bad stuff is that lecture notes are only going to be posted after the lecture!!! I HAVE TO COPY ALOT OF STUFF! and barely concentrate at all.. sobz sobz.. my tutor Deborah is her first time taking a class, she's doing major this year. and we finished the first class in 45 mins? haha.. total was suppose to be 1 hr 45 mins.. sadly she did not explain about projects and essays.. guess she did not know she had to explain it.. =(

econs.. hmmmm.. shall not comment much.. haha.. jus tat macro i'm so dead, micro so boring and econometrics.. haiz.. haha..

need to try to get all A for my mod this sem, to pull it up to 4.2 le.. really hope i can. =)


loves to be happy!


jia qi



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